LUCCA M58 Espresso Machine by Quick Mill-Stainless Steel-sku-SI4227

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Designed and manufactured by Quick Mill exclusively for LUCCA, the M58 is a beautiful, commercial-quality, dual boiler espresso machine with an integrated shot timer. Insulated stainless steel boilers in combination with 1400W heating elements give the M58 increased durability and power to rival commercial machines.

What is it? 

The LUCCA M58 is a stainless steel dual boiler, rotary pump, E61 espresso machine with a built-in PID and shot timer that can be direct plumbed or run on its built-in reservoir. Built exclusively for Clive by Quick Mill in Italy.

Who is it for?

The espresso lover who holds aesthetic and delicious espresso to be of equal importance. With a PID and commercial standard 58mm group head, you can pull shots just how the roaster intended or just as easily go off the reservation and experiment with new recipes.

You want every shot to be a ritualistic experience. Grinding, tamping, lifting the M58’s polished stainless steel brew lever, watching the espresso drip from its included bottomless portafilter. Plus, you need enough steam power for when your milk-with-a-spot-of-coffee friends are over.

Why did we make it?

We wanted to build the espresso machine of our dreams. Simple, beautiful, and capable of pulling fantastic shots with ease. Not only is it a joy to use but it’s an eye-catcher on the bar in our Portland showroom. We’re quite confident that we accomplished that goal with the LUCCA M58 as this is one of our best selling machines, and our go-to when we want to nerd out with a new single origin.

Every touch point and detail is designed and built for both quality and to bring a sense of joy to every shot. We include a bottomless portafilter because we know most home baristas love them. Its navy PID matches its pressure gauges. This extends to the inside of the machine, where we’ve outfitted the M58 with modern stainless steel boilers and 1400W heating elements. 

This makes for unrivaled durability, and also means that in 1 minute 30 seconds the machine can pull a shot, steam 12oz of milk, and be back at its target temp for the next drink. That’s faster than most baristas operate, so you can serve a party of any size. Or, just pull that morning espresso without waking the family thanks to its rotary pump.


  • Stainless steel boilers with 1400W heating elements make for vastly increased performance.
  • Vertically placed rotary pump (placed underneath motor)
  • E61 group head
  • Resettable hi-limit to protect the heating element
  • PID controller for the group boiler (adjustable 1.0° celsius or fahrenheit)
  • PID controller also controls the steam boiler temperature/pressure
  • Integrated shot timer accurate to the tenth of a second
  • Steam and Pump pressure gauges
  • Heating indicator lights
  • No-burn, stainless steel steam and hot water arms
  • Joystick steam and hot water valves
  • Direct connect option (braided water line included)
  • 90″ power cord (without converter cord)
  • Brew boiler: Stainless steel, .75L
  • Steam Boiler: Stainless steel, 1.4L
  • Reservoir: 3L with low water sensor
  • Drip tray: 56oz
  • Sku:  SI4227